Samuel's Stable
Life, Love, and Laughter
Hello there, I'm Samuel Broussard.

I have five great friends, one of whom accepted my marriage proposal and became my wife. Lily doesn't suffer fools so I took her "yes" as a big compliment. She introduced me to her friends, Andra and Edward, and I introduced her to my friends, Malaika and Marius. The six of us are inseparable.

I lived on my own for far too long so I don't mind a crowded house at all. Some days are hectic. Too much mayhem and not enough space and quiet. Other days are diamonds. I have five loving souls with whom to share life's ups and downs. Edward, better known as Jack, is our resident prankster so some days are hilarious.

Jack suggested this whole "Samuel's Stable" thing. He thinks my wife and my other four best friends, himself included, are my stable of supermodels. Oh, wait, it gets better. I don't blame Jack for this, this is just how he rolls. I blame Lily, who encouraged him, and Andra, who provided this content to our website developer.

Malaika suggested I think of this website as just another form of photo album, a way of remembering what we got up to in our younger, wilder days. I'm not that old yet and I hope to have many more "younger, wilder" days. I'll just have to put up with this nonsense. What I do for my housemates!

So, welcome to Samuel's Stable. One day I might be able to say that without an inward groan of embarrassment, but not today. I'm sure the "supermodels" are all cackling with glee.

Well, karma's a bitch so my housemates had better watch out! Marius isn't the only one who knows his way around a camera. My new phone has LiDAR so our adventures might be rendered lovingly in 3D AR. One of my companies has the tech and the skills, just saying.

Best wishes, Samuel.
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