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Lily's Statistics

Lily Montgomery – Moon Dress
At 6 feet tall, Lily is the tallest of the girls and is taller than Edward. She has a muscular weights and Pilates-toned body with square shoulders and long legs. Edward often calls her “Xena” because she has the height and build of a lithe Amazon. Years of Latin dance training have given her a sinuous grace which she uses to her advantage.

In her professional life, Lily wears well-tailored, stylish, and smart jackets, pencil skirts, silk shirts, and high heels in strong colours. Away from her philanthropic endeavours, she adds elegance to chic, dramatic, and classic styles, and often expresses her inner Dominatrix with thigh-high boots.

Classic Avatar

Lily’s first Rez Day was Sunday 8th April 2012, two days after a significant decade birthday for her creator. One more item ticked off of a bucket list.

Lily's classic avatar is based on the default avatar downloaded from Second Life and installed with the Second Life client-side viewer. What makes her unique from every other classic human female avatar in Second Life is her skin, eyes, and custom shape.

Mesh Avatar

Lily's third party mesh version was created in November 2019. Ever the trendsetter, she was the first Samuel's Stable model to appear in this type of mesh.

This latest version of Lily is made up of a head and body from two different Second Life designers, and custom shapes. Her head skin has a matching body skin so there is no visible texture seam at her neck.

Head – Classic Avatar

Classic Female Head with Redgrave Leona Skin in Tan
Lily's first appearance in-world was as one of the dozen or so default avatars that were available to new residents at the time. This look survives in Second Life's current Inventory Library as "Girl Next Door". 

Her next look, "Mary Sue", used a painted skin that didn't have the realism her creator was looking for. A kind resident recommended Redgrave Skins & Fashion for their realistic photographed skins. Lily's creator loved their "Leona" skin in tan and classic Lily has worn it ever since. This skin is still available at Redgrave Skins & Fashion's in-world store today.  

All of Lily's Redgrave Leona skin options have the same tone, tan, and the same dark brown eyebrows. There are fifteen different combinations of eye makeup, blush, and lipstick colors, each in a choice of dark brown hair base or no hair base (bald). Lily favours natural makeup for day and heavier makeup for evening. This is her day look, usually without the formal ruby and onyx jewellery. 

Head – [GA.EG] Barbara

[GA.EG] Barbara Mesh Head with [GA.EG] Barbara ST4 Cookie Skin
Lily has the [GA.EG] Barbara bento head with a starter pack of facial animations. She uses the head's Baked On Mesh (BOM) option and the accompanying separate ears and teeth. This head has ear hole fillers for use when attaching ears from other designers, elf ears for example, and can be resized using Second Life's shape sliders.

Lily’s head skin is an ST4 Cookie tone tattoo tailor-made for the [GA.EG] Barbara head, hence she doesn’t have any mismatches between the features on her skin and the underlying shape of her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. She uses a head skin without a hair base, eyebrows, or makeup. This allows use of a broader range of [GA.EG] and third party hair bases, eyebrows, eye shadows, blushes, and lipsticks.

The [GA.EG] Barbara head doesn’t come with its own eyes. Options include using the underlying default avatar’s eyes (system or classic eyes), using [GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes with a colour pack, or using eyes from other designers. Lily's mesh avatar uses an Avi-Glam texture over her classic eyes.

Body – Classic Avatar

Lily's old Redgrave Leona classic skin covers her default head, body, hands, and feet. This skin doesn't have any tone or texture mismatches at Lily's neck, wrists, or ankles, as is often the case when using third party mesh body components up-loaded by different Second Life designers.

Lily's photographed skin gives her highlights and shadows that emphasize her muscles and bone structure, fine wrinkles on her palms and the backs of her fingers, uneven skin texture, and asymmetric freckles and moles which all add to her realistic appearance.

Lily uses light "jiggle physics" when she’s wearing thick clothing, medium "jiggle physics" when she’s wearing light or loose clothing, and full "jiggle physics" when she’s naked. While Lily uses different physics for her classic body than for her Maitreya Lara body, she uses the same animation overrides for both bodies. 

Body – Maitreya Lara

Maitreya Lara Mesh Body with [GA.EG] Divine ST4 Cookie Skin
Lily has the Maitreya Lara body. Designers sell an extensive range of clothing, shoes, jewellery and other accessories for this body. The Maitreya Lara body is notable for its square mannish shoulders: a good look on a strong woman.

Lily uses the body's Baked on Mesh (BOM) option so she doesn't have to wear the body's tattoo, underwear, or clothing layer attachments. This lowers her in-world complexity measure as she's not wearing the equivalent of three additional bodies.  

Lily’s [GA.EG] Divine body skin is a headless skin and must be worn with the matching [GA.EG] Barbara head skin for a complete look. As her head and body skins are from the same designer and in the same tone, they match at her neck join. The look of Lily's neck join is further improved by using her head's Maitreya Lara neck size.   

Subtle "jiggle physics" and a default animation override provide Lily with realistic body movement in-world. 

Hands – Classic Avatar

A classic avatar's low-poly default hands are clunky and unattractive: their single worst feature.

Hands – Maitreya Lara

The Maitreya Lara body has high-poly hands with fingers rigged to the default avatar's Bento skeleton. This rigging allows asymmetrical animation of realistic hand and finger movements, including waving, pointing, and grasping.

These hands can be resized using Second Life's shape sliders but are not detachable. They cannot be used on their own to improve the look of a classic avatar.

The Hands/Feet tab of the body's HUD provides a range of static hand and finger poses useful for photography. These poses can be cycled, animating the hands and fingers slowly through all of the static poses.

The body provides a choice of six different fingernail types including no nails. The no nails option is used under gloves so nails don't poke through, or for attaching nails from other designers.

The body also provides a choice of over twenty different shades of nail polish. Lily prefers medium length square nails with a French manicure or full polish in shades of pink. 

Feet – Classic Avatar

Classic Lily Montgomery – Angel Corset and Kylie Stilettos
A classic avatar's low-poly default feet are their worst feature. Lily’s classic avatar has a number of pairs of much prettier feet from Second Life designers.

Many have blending tattoos used to match the skin tones of the feet and lower legs, toecaps and texture options for stockings and socks, and a range of toenail polishes. Slink makes popular pairs of mesh feet for male and female avatars that are well supported by shoe designers. 

Some of Lily's mesh feet also come with their own pair of shoes, such as her mesh feet and shoes above – Gaeline Shoes Kylie Stilettos. 

Feet – Maitreya Lara

The Maitreya Lara body has high-poly feet in five different heights: flat, ballet, low, mid, and high. These feet can be resized but are also not detachable.

Each foot can use a different height setting to the other, useful for poses where the feet are at different angles, and a script is available that allows shoe designers to set the body's feet to the right height automatically when their shoes are attached.
The body also has an ankle lock switch to lock the ankles in a natural position so they are not over-extended by poses or animations. This prevents the feet bending so far back that the body's heels almost touch the lower calves.   

Shape - Classic Avatar

Classic Lily Montgomery – Samantha Fox Jacket and Angora Sweater
Lily's classic avatar is a female standard size M (Medium).   
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