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“You must be true to yourself before you can be true to others.”
Lily likes to dance, go to parties and events, listen to live music, travel, see interesting places and meet new people. She especially likes being in motion – planes, trains, cars, boats, airships, spaceships, and submarines.
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Antipodean Moon
Antipodean Moon is an 1886 Australian colonial setting for Victorian-era fiction and role-playing games. Lily’s primary alternate avatar is a character from Antipodean Moon, Elenore de la Rose.

Lily Montgomery

Hesitant Beginning

Lily started her Second Life in April 2012 as “Mary Sue”, a nod to her origins as an idealized version of her creator. Wearing hair and clothing from Second Life’s Inventory Library and skin from Noya, Mary Sue set off on a journey of discovery.
Classic Mary Sue – Linden Meadowbrook Quad – Corneille
Classic Mary Sue – Linden Meadowbrook Quad – Corneille
The first steps on this journey included a new residential rental – a small single floor Linden Lab Meadowbrook Quad in Corneille – and a new inworld romance.

The rental was a success. Mary Sue learned how to decorate a house inside and out, and how to add an upper floor. This experience proved valuable when Andra rented a Linden Lab Grayson and wanted to add an exterior patio railing and canopy.

The new romance was not a success. Control freaks proved to be just as prevalent in world as they were in real life, with the same modus operandi of singling out inexperienced, naive, and all too trusting targets. Abusing someone’s trust is not a measure of an abuser’s strength, it’s a measure of their weakness.

Mary Sue’s creator, not wanting to be reminded of her ex-husband, reinvented Mary Sue as Lily Montgomery. Having learnt a valuable lesson about how some Second Life residents use their anonymity, Lily discovered her inner Dominatrix and refused to give up her independence again.

Lily is always polite on meeting residents new to her, but doesn't suffer the attentions of fools. Her creator makes liberal use of the block button for scammers, trolls, predators, and residents of all genders soliciting "pixel sex".  
Classic Lily Montgomery – Etanael House – Arles

Gaining Confidence

Emboldened by her recent experiences, Lily rented the private island retreat she’d shared with her in-world ex. Her first private rental. She loved the island and wasn’t ready to leave it just yet.

Lily placed a home of her own on the island – a small rustic beach house. She named the island Tahitian Sands and began getting out and about in-world again.
Classic Lily Montgomery – Tahitian Sands – Clappison Bella Pointe
Lily made friends and shared her beach house with Andra, Edward, Samuel, Malaika and Marius. Over many weekends at the beach house, Samuel became more than a friend.

Given the number of regular guests, Lily decided the beach house was too small. She replaced it with a bigger, more modern home with a less rustic bathroom. Lily added new outdoor furniture and a thatched gazebo over the water.
Classic Lily Montgomery – Tahitian Sands – Party at Home

Bold Move

A year later, Lily was ready to move on from the isolated island she’d first shared with her ex. She began searching for a beachside location with a larger nearby community.

After concerted effort and assistance from Samuel and her friends, Lily found what she was looking for. A homestead parcel in Luxory Estates that was ideal for all their needs.

Lily set about finding a new beach house better suited to their new location and revamping the pier for a large boat. Fun for all of them.
Classic Lily Montgomery - 1980s Tribute Party

Bright Future

Lily, Samuel and their friends have settled into Early Beach and are ready to explore all that life has to offer. Now married to Samuel, Lily wears her engagement and wedding rings with pride.

For the first time in her life, Lily can say she is content and full of joy.
Lily Montgomery - Hex and Airy Blue
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